Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Shallow bowl "Radiation" (10.5" dia.)
Shallow bowl "Winter Oak" (10.5" dia.)
Shallow bowl "Maple Leaves" (10.5" dia.)
Shallow bowl "Japanese Maple" (10.5" dia.)
Shallow bowl "Abstract Pattern" (10.5" dia.)
After stopping fire the kiln remains high temperature for a while. Even for my small kiln, it takes 24 hours or more before open the kiln chamber.
Fire mouths at about 2000F.
The last firing on Sep. 12 became night time work.
About Nature
"Nature" could mean many things for us. From hurricanes to bugs to morning glories. We experience nature only of its fraction at a time. Because nature can means so many things, it almost means nothing for our daily life. No wonder even highest spiritual leaders don't explain much about what the relationship between human and nature should be. We see one thing very beautiful, and other thing on the side of it ugly. But, as we cumulate our own experience, we cannot dismiss the balance of the nature that rewards us, and has the most profound imprication for our life. In this balance we see nature of the nature, which is beautiful.


Blogger jhauser said...

that's a beautiful bit of writing. This is Julia, you know I have bought some of you pieces on the Mall. I was looking up your website as we had to show our ceramics teacher some potters we like and I want to show him your work. Good luck with your cabin!!

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