Sunday, March 25, 2007

Building Cabin
I started to raise the poles for my small cabin. It's a very small cabin, still takes a lot of labor, to my surprise. I'm struggling with this 200 lb log. This is the heaviest log and I started for this one first.

Using tripod and two pulleys made it relatively easy until the base of the pole came to only two feet away to the concrete foot. But, from here the log becomes full weight of it. Two pulleys make it half of the weight, still too heavy to lift by myself. Although my neighbor Wesley told me he will help at any time, my plan is to put up by myself as much as I can.

Before I reached to cell-phone to call him for help, I tried to put a counter weight (another log), and it worked beautifully! You can see now the base of the pole is on the right spot of the concrete foot.

Some of the pieces recently fired.

Bowl with inlaid leaf pattern.

Bowl with leaf pattern.

Flower vase.

Flower vase


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